“Real”LTD with twenty two years history already

     If you need a stylish and functional home, or if you wish to invest in the creation of comfortable working environment-office, shops, and production buildings or if it is necessary to improve parts of technical infrastructure, then need to be sure that we are the right company. In this case, please, turn to us or contact our company employees about construction, finishing work, interior and exterior design, latest news in the field of building materials, new technologies and optimal solutions in construction /Industrial and civil construction/.
     The company “REAL” LTD has a history of eighteen years. It was founded on 03.04.1995 and it was registered at District Court as a Single Member LLC with 100% privet property. Up to the present moment, it has been re-registered under Bulgaria’s Law on the commercial register and the company has been recorded into the Commercial register of the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice.
     The company owns and operates two head offices- one in the capital of Bulgaria-Sofia “quarter Gotse Delchev, block of flats 254A-ground floor”, and the other one in Berkovitsa. The main lines of company business are construction, reconstructions, building and assembly and repair works.
     The company is managed and represented by me-its owner eng. Mihail Tsvetanov Ivanov. More than 30 people work in the company, as they are highly qualified specialists, having different professions and specialties for the performance of the offered services and activities.
     The company organizes its activity in its own real estate, which is a yard place on which an administrative-storage base has been constructed. We are performing our building activity on the territory of the the whole country and for the past 2 years-abroad as well.
     We have our own transport vehicles, formwork equipment, machines and devices for the completion of building and assembly works in rough construction and for all kinds of finishing works.
     The company has a great reputation in the field of apartment building construction. We build once –family houses and multi-family apartment buildings, having their own unique image, coloring and atmosphere in the outskirts of the Vitosha Mountain, at the foot of the Balkan mountain in Berkovitsa area and in the dynamic city environment. We work mainly with private investors in this regard. We have built completely 20 one-family houses, whose total built-up area is over 8 000 square meters and 15 multi- family apartment buildings, whose total built-up area is more than 20 000 square meters.
     The buildings of mixed type-administrative and commercial ones are another important line of company business.
     The company built a hotel, having a total built-up area of 500 square meters in Berkovitsa town, as we have also specialized in tourism and hotel construction. We have also built a modern hotel, having a total built-up area of over 2 000 square meters, as this hotel is located on the shore of the “Ogosta” dam near Montana town.
     We have specialized in the building of banking office. The company has built and put into operation 15 offices of “Raiffeisenbank-Bulgaria” EAD on the territory of North-western Bulgaria and in Sofia City.
     We built a modern production enterprise in the field of food industry, meeting the European standards for the manufacture of milk products in Sofia City.
     We have also built a “Beauty center” in Montana town, completing an attractive project, for the sake of the good appearance and spiritual comfort of men and women.
     We have completed the building and assembly works at 7 military sites on the territory of the whole country for Bulgarian’s Ministry of Defense. Our most important and remarkable contribution in this field is our participation in the construction of the building for the Corps of International forces in Plovdiv City.
     The company has performed basic repairs of bridge and road equipment in the field of transport technical infrastructure on the territory of Montana administrative area- a bridge over the river Barzia and the construction of the supporting walls at the Petrohan pass. With view to technical capabilities, experience, economic and financial condition and in conformity with the main company line of business, it has been registered at the Chamber of building companies in Bulgaria for the sake of construction and it has also been registered at the central professional register of building companies for the construction of sites from first group, third category /1.4/. We are also performing individual kinds of building and assembly, works, reconstructions and internal repairs of existing building and premises.
     This is in short our company presentation.
     Our main priority is to create harmonious, comfortable, stylish and suitable environment for our clients for the sake of their daily work, home and recreation.
     If you want to get an idea about what we have created-please, have a look at our gallery-you will see their photos of some of most interesting of our sites.

          eng. M. Ivanov